ROHVA coordinates stakeholder positions on technical issues and is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standard developer. ROHVA developed and maintains an American National Standard (ANS) for ROVs that includes equipment configuration and performance requirements.

Work on the original version of this standard was started by ROHVA in 2008 and completed with the publication of ANSI/ROHVA 1-2010. ROHVA initiated work on a revised standard immediately upon finalization of the ANSI/ROHVA 1-2010 standard, as a result of the dynamic nature of the ROV market and vehicle evolution. That work resulted in publication of ANSI/ROHVA 1-2011. ROHVA began maintenance of the standard in 2013, resulting in the approval and publication of ANSI/ROHVA 1-2014. ROHVA subsequently published ANSI/ROHVA 1-2016, and its current version ANSI/ROHVA 1-2023.

This voluntary standard addresses the design, configuration and performance aspects of ROVs, including, among other items, requirements for accelerator, clutch and gearshift controls; lighting; tires; service and parking brake/parking mechanism performance; lateral and pitch stability; occupant handholds; Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS); Occupant Retention System (ORS); and requirements for labels and owner’s manuals.

The standard reflects positively on the high degree of government-industry cooperation that contributed significantly to the development of this standard.

Consensus for this standard was developed by use of the Canvass Method. Suggestions for improvement of this standard, and requests for interpretation, are welcomed. Either should be addressed to:

Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association

2 Jenner, Suite 150
Irvine, California 92618-3806