Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association Elects 2022 Board Officers
March 29, 2022
Off-Road Safety Week Starts This Weekend
October 13, 2022

The member companies of the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) put consumer safety first. Each company takes pride in producing high-quality, durable products. Each constantly seeks to innovate and improve vehicle safety. As part of these commitments, ROHVA works on the industry’s behalf to maintain voluntary industry-wide safety standards first published in 2011. Most recently, ROHVA has worked closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to address rare incidents involving fire and debris penetration hazards. ROHVA is now preparing a revised safety standard that includes new testing methods intended to reduce such risks. ROHVA has shared its detailed plans with CPSC. ROHVA is confident that the proposed revisions will adequately address the safety concerns raised by CPSC. Once the revised voluntary standard takes effect, it should eliminate any basis for CPSC to pursue formal rulemaking on these subjects. ROHVA is opposed to the proposed CPSC rulemaking for this and other reasons, and will submit written comments in opposition to CPSC’s rulemaking notice.

ROHVA welcomes all interested parties and members of the public to submit comments concerning their use of and experience with ROVs and to express support for ROHVA’s voluntary standards. Detailed instructions for doing so are available in CPSC’s June 21 rulemaking notice at:

CPSC expects to release a separate notice in the near future regarding fire hazards.